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Discount Diagnostics is the creation of David Deshotels, a pharmacist with over 30 years of medical experience, including laboratory, clinical research, and pharmacy operations. The evolution of Healthcare beginning with the new ACA HealthCare law in 2012 has forced 50 to 75% of insured patients to pay out of pocket for many ancillary services such as lab tests, x-rays, MRI's, and Medication. Having Insurance today does not mean that patients are fully covered and are able to obtain any health service or product available. High Deductible Health Plans do not begin to pay for services for patients until the insured individual has spent his or her own money equal to the deductible cap or total. Also, a recent study reported by Kaiser Health News reports that about 25% of patients in South Central U.S. do not have health coverage so there are millions of patients who need to find affordable services.


This Online Service was created to help those patients who are paying out of pocket for Diagnostic Services and Prescriptions.


Our goal is to offer Healthcare Consumers the lowest prices possible for Diagnostic Tests and Medications through our National Contracts with Major Laboratories and Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Discount Diagnostics works as the ordering and processing platform for services offered to the public and members of My Health Savers Plan at www.MyHSP.org along with supporting organizations and employers who partner with My Health Savers Plan. Employers may choose to offer our discounted lab program and one or several of our discount prescription plans to their employees as a suplement to their current High Deductible Health Plan. Self-Insured Employers also find our discounted service very apealing because they can save hundreds of dollars on medical expenses for individual employees. This service is offered to Employers at a low annual fee.


Discount Diagnostics enables clinicians to order lab tests for patients, which are priced at or lower than what insurance companies pay for the same tests. Our lab prices average 75-90% lower than the Usual and Customary charges that patients are currently being billed by Lab Companies and Hospital Labs. We are able to do this because of our membership numbers and negotiation of contract prices for services, which we pass on to our members. 

No one has to apply for discounts and individuals do not have to pay for membership in order to receive the discount services offered through My Health Savers Plan. Our service is available to clinicians FREE of Charge who want to help patients save money on diagnostic tests and prescriptions. Patients are able to visit a local laboratory affiliated with us to receive their lab tests. 

Discount Diagnostics is the premier online ordering service designed for Physicians and other Healthcare Providers to order the lowest priced diagnostic tests available to patients. There are other online lab services that allow patients to order their own tests but none of these companies offers lab tests as low as Discount Diagnostics.

Patients may print a Free Lab Savings Card here or go to www.MyHSP.org and request a card and membership. Our members show the card to their nurse and doctor at each office visit. Providers who register online with Discount Diagnostics and order tests for patients are featured on the My Health Savers Plan website, www.MyHSP.org. Our Lab Savings Card can be used in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and New Mexico and soon Nationwide.

As an additional benefit our members at www.MyHSP.org have access to Professional Supplied Vitamins and Supplements. We also offer several Prescription Savings Plans, which saves patients up to 90% off of Regular Retail price of Generic Medications and up to 20% off of Regular Retail of Brand Name Medications at over 55,000 pharmacies throughout the United States and its territories. Our savings package includes a deep discount Mail Order Prescription service that will save patients a lot of money on maintenance medications that they currently pay out of pocket for a local pharmacies. 

Our Management Team:

David Deshotels, Founder                                 

Executive Director and Business Development Manager                                                                     




Brian Bibb, Sales & Marketing

Manager, Independent Sales Representatives




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