Discount Diagnostics Offers Patients Significantly Reduced Prices in Three Major Areas of HealthCare.

Locally Filled Prescriptions: (Up to 90% Savings Off Regular Retail Cash Price)

Commonly Ordered Laboratory Tests During Regular Office Visits: (Save an Average of 75%)

Mail Order Prescription Service: (Patients Save Much More Than Filling Rx's at Pharmacies)

Discount Diagnostics is the First online ordering platform that allows Healthcare Professionals to offer their patients the lowest lab and diagnostic test prices on the market, while using local laboratories. Our lab prices are up to 90% lower than the Usual and Customary charges that patients are currently being billed by Lab Companies and Hospital Labs.

Even the discounted rates offered by labs, [usually after the patient applies for the discounted rates], are much higher than our every day regular price for each lab test we offer. Our prices are transparent, meaning the physician and their patients know the price of each test as soon as the labs are ordered. No billing surprises! No individual has to apply for our discounts or pay a fee to join our Health Savers Plan. We ask our members to register on line at  \"\"

so that we can grow our member numbers for the purpose of negotiating volume discounts for all services we help patients with. Our discounts are available to everyone and with insurance companies forcing more and more patients to pay out of pocket for ancillary services such as lab tests, Discount Diagnostics is just the right prescription at the right time.

As we continue to notify consumers and healthcare professionals that Discount Diagnostics offers the most user friendly online experience with the lowest laboratory prices on the market, we are also searching for energetic sales professionals who can introduce our online laboratory ordering service to Healthcare Professionals, consumers, and employers who self fund their employees health plans and employers who want to supplement their employees current High Deductible Health Plans. Sales professionals will also support and promote our Prescription Mail Order Service and Prescription Savings Plans.

All positions are commission only for sales representatives initially, then roll into a salary plus commission position after a minimum number of physician clients have been added with consistent weekly lab orders for patients. Our inhouse customer service positions are hourly.

If you curretly have contacts with Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Plastic Surgery Offices and have a high level of energy, great entegrity, and a passion to help people, you may be able to earn great residual commission each month by representing My Health Savers Plan. Our service is easy to demonstrate to Healthcare Professionals because it only takes a Clinician 30 seconds to place lab orders for patients once they have an account setup and their patient is in our system. It is possible to earn more than $10,000 per month for every 25 Clinicians you add who use our service daily. We Pay Commissions Every 2 Weeks!

Contact us through our "Contact Us" form or Fax your resume including sales experience to 225-308-2142.

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