Customer Notice

Our laboratory services are discounted so that individuals and physicians can receive the very lowest price possible for lab tests so that more people have access to important health information. These tests are for informational purposes only.

It is not the intention of E-Click Diagnostics to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide users with an method of accessing reduced priced lab and diagnostic services. Specific medical advice including diagnosis and treatment will not be provided. The test results are subject to the same privacy and release restrictions that HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) places on all medical records. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information.  Clients may request release of information to other physicians, if they desire. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Your results will provide you with information explaining whether your tests results are in Normal range or out of Normal Range and your healthcare provider will treat you according to the results.  

Our discounted lab service is currently available in Texas, Louisian, Oklahoma, and Nevada and Las Cruces New Mexico.We should have national lab coverage by June of this year, 2018.

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