Creatinine-Serum Included In The CMP

Creatinine-Serum Included In The CMP

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Test Benefits

A renal function test used in eGFR calculation. 2 High creatinine: Renal diseases and insufficiency with decreased glomerular filtration, urinary tract obstruction, reduced renal blood flow including congestive heart failure, shock, and dehydration; rhabdomyolysis can cause elevated serum creatinine.Low creatinine: Small stature, debilitation, decreased muscle mass; some complex cases of severe hepatic disease can cause low serum creatinine levels. In advanced liver disease, low creatinine may result from decreased hepatic production of creatinine and inadequate dietary protein as well as reduced muscle mass.3


Creatinine, serum; eGFR calculation. Creatinine levels are used also for dose determination of several medication that can cause toxicity if Kidney function is abnormal

Special Instruction

No special preparation required for this test.

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