Thyroid Panel With TSH

Thyroid Panel With TSH

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The thyroid cascade panel was designed as a diagnostic tool toaid in the initial diagnosis of common adult thyroid disorders.This panel is not intended for use in pediatric patients or inmonitoring patients receiving treatment for thyroid diseasewith either ablative or suppressive therapy. It would alsonot be appropriate to use this panel to diagnose primarythyroid neoplasm. Other biochemical markers, in conjunctionwith physical, radiological and histological findings, may bebetter suited for this purpose. Similar thyroid cascades have beensuccessfully implemented in various medical centers1,2,3 and havebeen validated for use into late adult life.4 Recent clinical practiceguidelines from the American Thyroid Association now promotethe use of TSH as the first test in the screening process.5 TheLabCorp Thyroid Cascade only uses third-generation TSH testing.


Test Includes Free thyroxine index; T3 uptake (THBR); thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH); thyroxine (T4)

Special Instruction

No special preparation required for this important test

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